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422 Highway 30
Gonzales, LA  ~  Ph. 225.644.9744


1665 Hwy 3125
Gramercy, LA  ~  Ph. 225.869.5600


14241 Coursey Blvd. 

Baton Rouge, LA  ~  Ph. 225.421.1102




"A great alternative to fast food, without the wait!" Our potatoes are baked fresh daily and ready to load with your favorite fresh and delicious ingredients!

Nutricious and Delicious!

Get the Facts!


With the wave of fad carbohydrate diets, the potato got a pretty bad rep.  The fact is, the potato is a complex carbohydrate with an impressive assortment of vitaimins and minierals.

Fresh & Flavorful Ingredients!


Only the freshest quality ingredients find their way onto a Spectacular Tuber menu!  Our recipes combine some of the most flavorful foods and spices on the planet! Wheather it's our fresh garden salads, delicious gourmet sandwiches, for famous Spectacular potatoes, you can count on freshness and flavor in every bite!


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Our History

Spectacular Tubers was the first to introduce the stuffed baked potato concept to the metro New Orleans area. This spectacular event took place in Metairie, Louisiana, February 1980. Spectacular Tubers uses only the best and freshest ingredients available. Our pudgy, one pound plus potatoes are washed thoroughly before baking, so you can enjoy your potato all the way down to and including the skin! With 53 different Spectacular Tubers to chose from and all the available additional toppings, there is a Spectacular Tuber to satisfy everyone's taste. Not a Tuber day? Try one of our fresh salads, one of our tasty sandwiches, or mouth watering soup. Also available are soup n salads, sandwich n salad, or soup-salad n sandwich combos. All fresh, all quality, all Spectacular! And for the entrepreneur, want to own your own restaurant? Let Spectacular Tubers guide you up the path to success. Call for franchise information.

What is a Tuber?

Definition – noun

( Pronounced: Too-Bur) 


a) A massive oversized baked  potato filled and topped with the most Spectacular mouth watering ingredients known to mankind.

b) A ginormous Meal in a Baked Potato rarely completely consumed in one sitting by one individual